Goddess Provisions Box | Honest Review

I first joined the Goddess Provisions box subscription back in April ( I JUST missed the mermaid box. Still having regrets.) and so far my experience has been FANTASTIC. 

But here are the basic facts.

  • It's all vegan-friendly. Cruelty-free for the win!
  • You get 4-6 full sized products for 33 bucks a month.
  • The boxes usually have a mix of beauty, aromatherapy, and super food snacks.
  • There's pretty much always a crystal of some sorts in the box.

This month's Goddess Provisions theme was Unicorn.


Unicorn Brush, CHECK

Unicorn highlighter, CHECK

Fancy schmancy sprinkles for your unicorn lattes, CHECK

Plus some other fun goodies and a sticker for my Nalgene!


This wonderfully refreshing Unicorn perfume will now be in my purse and I'm super excited to use the Unicorn Dust highlighter for my mermaid look later this month!

Here are a few other products that I now use on the daily from the previous boxes:


These happy drops have been a life saver these last couple months. I definitely feel a boost in my mood after taking a couple drops and love to use it to sweeten my tea a little. Sometimes I worry myself into anxious little circles and this definitely helps.

I was also looking for a good hair oil to use and then magically this hair oil from Prim Botanicals shows up in the box! 4 little drops of this stuff in the morning and my hair detangles instantly, plus the tips are getting the nourishment they need. It's so great my boyfriend is even starting to steal it from me. It's got a lovely rosemary / herbal smell to it so it's definitely a very gender neutral hair product. I'll definitely be ordering more when I run out!

My boyfriend also has a sensitive stomach and I'm a little prone to bloating, and this gingery digestive bitters from Urban Moonshine does the trick. It definitely tastes medicinal, but it works. 


Before this box subscription, I've never heard of palo santo before! I received two sticks total in the last couple months as well as some palto santo essential oil. It's now my favorite incense to burn in the house. It's got a very earthy sweet smell and I find it to be incredibly soothing. Also pictured are most of crystals  I've received from the box during the last few months!


Last, but not least, is this sweet simple copper moon necklace. Fun fact, I wore this while I was at Lightning In A Bottle and someone passing me on one of the bridges high fived me and yelled "GODDESS PROVISIONS RIGHT?" and I was super excited. I love wearing this piece all the time and layering it with my other favorite necklaces.

So in conclusion:

So there you have it! My experience with Goddess Provisions has been fantastic so far. There's a great mix of products that I actually love and use, which wassomething I was always a little worried about before signing up for a subscription box. Try it for yourselves, check out their Instagram account for all their beautiful posts and hints for the next box. You'll love the box too!

*This is not an affiliate post. I just truely love this subscription service and waited for a few months to fully formulate my opinion and decided it was something worth sharing!

6 Tips for Staying Positive

Sometimes it feels like the world is falling apart. I know that sounds melodramatic, but staying positive isn't that easy. Those who are able to keep that attitude all the time have had some serious practice. It takes time to train your brain to think in a different way. But regardless of how positive and upbeat of a human being you are, there are just some days where the all the little things build up and hope seems to be a tiny little light at the end of an impossibly long tunnel.

No matter what is bothering you, whether it's something unfortunately huge or just not a good day, here are some tips that have helped me stay positive through tough times.


Ask for help.

This is the HARDEST one for me. I have this crazy notion that I can't be a real adult unless Ido things all on my own, but in reality, those you love are more than happy to lift you up if you need a boost.

Make a Very Good Things list

Even if the only thing that day that is bringing you joy is your cup of coffee, put that on the list. Or think about what made you happy during the week. Write down your tiny triumphs. You'll realize very quickly how fast that list fills up.


Make time for Me Time.

Take a bath, read a book, watch your favorite show. It's ok to withdraw for a little to give yourself some breathing room.

Eat that dessert.

Don't go overboard. But TREAT YO-SELF.


Make a plan for the day.

Then for the week, maybe even the month. Things don't feel so overwhelming when you made your own step by step process.

Put something on your to do list for the day you can cross off.

Feeling like you are getting some things done can help relieve some of those anxious feelings, especially if the reason why you are upset is about feeling stuck.

Day dream.

About positive things only. Whatever makes you happy. For me, it's what fantasy costume I'm going to make next or imagining new dance moves I want to try.


Cook yourself something yummy. No microwaves.

If you can't have mom or SO cooking for you, take the moment to cook yourself a super yummy rewarding dinner. You'll think better with some protein in your system anyways.

It's easy to let your anxiety and worries keep your brain spiraling.  Staying positive in an active choice you have to make. It's not easy to make that choice

Staying positive isn't always easy, but hopefully some of these tips will help you like they did me. It takes some focus and time. Babies need patterns for a reason, and finding out what tools and patterns work best for you will definitely help! You can read about

another idea that helps me stay positive here.

Let me know in the comments below what helps you! What are you tips and tricks for staying positive?

You're The Gin To My Tonic Illustration

Today's a special day. It's my love's birthday today and this was a little illustrationion I painted for him last year. <3 A new one is on the way... but I just don't want to spoil the surprise. ;)

Check out more of my illustrations here, or you can check out the rest of the illustrations I've posted on the blog! I have a feeling you'll like this one a lot too.

I love you... I know. | Special Commission Portrait

This was a lovely portrait commission that I got a while back! I've been waiting to post it because it was commissioned as an anniversary present! So there was no way I was going to spoil the surprise. star wars anniversary portrait for an illustration commission

And as a fellow nerd... I HAD to add in the famous line.

star wars anniversary portrait for an illustration commission

This was definitely one of the most fun portrait commissions that I've had in a while! Wishing the happy couple lots of love and happiness, and may they have many stellar adventures together! Pun always intended.

Have you guys checked out any of my other work yet? You can see my full portfolio as well as some of my other illustration posts! Contact me if you want a special portrait done too!  [contact-form][contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='1'/][contact-field label='Email' type='email' required='1'/][contact-field label='Website' type='url'/][contact-field label='Comment' type='textarea' required='1'/][/contact-form]

Flower Crown Fit For Freya

One of my nearest and dearest friends got married last month! I was a bridesmaid and part of all the festivities, but you couldn't imagine the joy that filled my heart when my lovely Freya asked me to make her a flower crown for her reception. I don't know if you noticed yet... But flowers are kind of my favorite thing. She sent me some pictures of what she was looking for and I immediately ran to the nearest craft store to pick up some supplies.

custom bridal flower crown supplies

Did I forget to mention she asked me to do this for her the Thursday before her Saturday wedding? It was crafting time.

She originally wanted a big boho-inspired flower crown to wear during the reception, and the rest of the time be used as decoration for her gorgeous, intimate back yard wedding. I decided to make TWO for her because I know my friend, and she's the kind of gal who had multiple reception dresses picked out already. I had to make sure that the flower crown was going to be perfect.

The first design had lots of big roses and peonies, just like the pictures she sent me for reference. I probably spend a good two hours going up and down the same two faux flower lines at Michales making sure I picked out exactly what she wanted. I don't know if the store clerks thought I was crazy or found it intriguing.

For the second design, I went with a daintier feel with simple twining branches, hydrangea flowers and pearls for the centers. I wasn't able to measure Freya's head before the wedding, so I made sure the crown was adjustable with gold ribbon. Her theme was black, white and gold.

Many hot glue sticks later and slightly singed fingers, and the crowns were ready to go! All we had to do was get ready!

custom bridal flower crowns for boho wedding

We started getting ready at 11 am.... and the wedding wasn't until 5 pm. And we were just down the street in the nearest hotel to get ready. It was quite the affair.

custom bridal flower crowns for boho wedding

The ceremony itself was short and sweet, but the words those two love birds said to each other brought everyone some misty eyes. Once the glass was smashed (mazal tov!) it was time for us to do the same.

custom bridal flower crowns for boho wedding

All in all, it was a fantastic wedding, and I couldn't be happier for my best friend and incredible HUSBAND. It's going to take some getting used to say that. And guess what? She went with the dainty one (COUGHIKNEWITCOUGH) and she looked gorgeous all night long.

bride and bridesmaid having fun at wedding

I love this lady. Oh. And here's what happened to the other flower crown. It was chilling over the appetizers.

bridal flower crown boho rustic on cow skull

If YOU want a custom flower crown that you can keep forever, send me a message and let's get your vision for your next event (or even wedding) going! Or, you can join my email list and you'll be the first to know when my shop is open, flower crowns and other fairy goodies are for sale and even the first to get some freebies. ;)

Tips for Festival First Timers : Comfortable Camping

My boyfriend and I are no strangers to camping out in the boonies. He likes to go to Yosemite with his backpacker/ climbing friends and I starting camping all around California starting from the age of 11. Previous experience and all the research in the world won't completely prepare you for an event like Lightning In A Bottle or other big music festivals. Here are some of the things we learned (and found super valuable) while we were at Lightning In A Bottle as festival first timers!

So you know you need to have a tent of some sorts, preferably E-Z up for some shade from the hot sun, your cooler for food and of course all your festie goodies. These are the things that we wished we had while we were there! Lightning In A Bottle had some great lists for essentials to bring, but these are the few things we wished we had just to make the week-long camping experience that much more comfortable.

1. Elevated camping also means you get off the ground.

If you are festival first timers, definitely make sure you have a pop-up table and some camp chairs. While it was kind of fun to cook on the ground for the first few days, it definitely made clean up a little less efficient and more cumbersome. If you want to run back to camp to have a bite and then run back to your next show, this definitely makes a difference! (And more comfortable.)

2. Two wash bins for your dish washing!

Our festival had ample free water available, but having to walk back and forth to fill up our water reserves was a bit of a task from our campsite. When washing your dishes, keep one bin full of water that you allow to get sudsy and a bit dirty, and the other bin for clean, rinse off water! Cleaning will be a breeze and you won't have to pour more water out than you have to. The rinse water will be reusable for the better part of the day.

3. An emergency blanket for your tent.

It gets HOT during the festival. My boyfriend and I noticed that some campsites had those blankets over their tents. They are perfect for reflecting the hot rays away from your tent, effectively keeping it cooler during the day for you! This was definitely a festival first timer tip I wish I knew about before I got there!

4. Hang your tapestries around your shade structure with shower curtain rings.

First time around I tried using zip ties and clothes pins to hang up the tapestries, but if a sudden gust of wind came by, the clothes pins would snap right off. I found these shower curtain rings on amazon and I was able to hang up everything out with having to poke holes or worry about them coming undone! Best part, I can keep the hooks on for future use too, or easily take them off if I want to use them for a different project.


As hot as it gets during the day, it will be CHILLY at night, especially in the California desert. We had a couple super warm sleeping bags, but if you are with your significant other, it definitely cuddle time is important. Extra duvets and fleece blankets not only made our tent super cozy and cuddly but plenty warm when we finally went to sleep after all our dancing.

6.  Cover the ground!

We used kiddie foam mats like these with some Mexican blankets thrown over for color, but something to cover the ground in your main hanging out area will make everything feel so much cleaner and organized! The ground was softer and we weren't as worried about barbs and other stickers from the grass. Extra kudos for you if you manage to find some affordable outdoor rugs to bring with you!

7. Invest in a zip up port-a-potty and WAG BAGS.

Lightning in a Bottle kept those port-a-potties  C.L.E.A.N. for all the guests this year, but if you are camping far away from the nearest group of toilets and you are completely surrounded by others tents... You'll wish there was one was a lot closer. Having one a step or two away from your campsite will save you from so much discomfort. Wag Bags basically have highly concentrated kitty litter and some with their own totally sealable bags to dispose of the waste. We threw all of ours into one of our garbage bags for our campsite and took it out to the trash at the end of the week! They are totally biodegradable, and you can't smell a thing. Worth every penny.

8. Bring a Sun Shower!

If you are buying lunch, dinner, and ice every day while at your music festival, prices seem to jump real quick to take a shower if you are lucky enough for your music festival to offer showers. Dry shampoo only goes so far after you've been walking nearly 10 miles a day and dancing all night long. Fill up your shower, hang it from your tent or put it on top of your car if you have a car camping pass, and TADA! Shower time. My boyfriend and I would put the shower on top of the car in the sun first thing when we woke up. By the time we slowly awoke, made breakfast and cleaned up, the shower became warm enough where it didn't feel ice-cold! We used the one pictured above (image takes you to link), but there are plenty of other great options out there too. If you have one of these bad boys you won't be taken for festival first timers. And you'll probably make some new friends.

9. Ladies, bring a hands-free mirror.

Especially if you have a female heavy festie squad, having a larger mirror to get ready in front of makes things a little easier. Trying to balance my large makeup pallet on my lap while trying to swipe on eye liner and adhere gems was a bit difficult. Target and Ikea have tall skinny ones that are light and can slide in the side of your car after you've packed all your gear. It won't take up too much space.

10. Solar Powered lights!

Get twinkle ones for the inside of your campsite or a big lantern in case you mean serious business. My boyfriend and I had a couple of cute battery ones that were white and multi-colored for fun, but the solar-powered path way lights like these ones were awesome! We knew when we reached home in the sea of tents late at night, and when one of us had to use the restroom at night we could instantly see where we needed to go.

11. Hippy's use incense for a reason.

Sage isn't just for cleansing your home and getting rid of bad energy, it's literally gets rid of bugs and pests too. They hate the smell, your campsite smells good and is mostly bug-free (there are some thing you can't entirely avoid while camping) Having some to burn while you are there will make things a lot more comfortable in a few different ways.


If you are on the fence about why you should go to a festival, here are a few snaps of my first experience.

lightning in a bottle music festival performers flamingo

lightning in a bottle sound bath gong bath mediation

Lightning In A Bottle Art Installation

lightning in a bottle mediation look out mountain peace

Lightning In A Bottle Guest First Timers


I hope you guys enjoyed my tips for you festival first timers out there! Going to one of these festivals is a serious bucket list item. You have to go at least once. But if you are like me, you'll see why people travel to these events all year-long. The community was amazing. The experiences and the classes were life changing.  The music was AWESOME and I'm already counting down the days until I get to go again. If you want to know what other fun things to bring, check out my blog post about  Festival Fairy Fashion!




Save the Bees | Custom T-shirt Design

I absolutely LOVE getting requests like this. I just recently got to do some custom t-shirt design for a wonderful client! The bee hive owner asked me to design some funny shirts for his store, focusing on buying local honey and saving the precious bees. I will let you guys know when the shirts become available for purchase! In the mean time, enjoy the gallery.

You can also check out the rest of my t-shirt design here! 

Galaxy Girl Speed Paint

This was a super fun speed paint! It's officially festival season and all I want to do is get all dressed up. The Renaissance faire helped alleviate a little bit of that want... but  I NEED MORE. As you can probably see in the video, I didn't  know where I wanted this painting to go initially. It was just therapeutic to sit and draw for a while without having any time constraints! You guys... today was the first day that I have spent ALL DAY in my home in a very long time. Usually there are tasks to accomplish, lists to take care of, and errands to run. But today was all for me. I would love to make Saturday Speed Paint a thing so I can get myself to do this on a regular basis.

Let me know what you think of the illustration in the comments! You can take a gander at the full image on my portfolio website! 

You can also subscribe to my channel on Youtube so you don't miss any new videos! I'm thinking Twitch will be a fun place to stream live!

Comment below if you are interested!


Essential Items Every Fairy Needs At A Music Festival

Now with unicorns and mermaids taking center stage in EVERYTHING from stationery, makeup trends and even Starbucks drinks, I think it's time that fairies take over the festival fashion scene. Here are a few things that I think are essential for festival fairies!

Glitter. Lots and lots of glitter.

Glitter for your hair, glitter for your booty, glitter for just about everything. I've been loving the whole disco boob trend and glittery booties everywhere! There's no end to your creativity when it comes how to play with color and texture. Plus, what faery isn't covered in magic pixie dust?

There are countless places to find glitter, but I've been salivating over The Gypsy Shrine's products as of late.

Hair Tinsel

I love seeing that this trend is making a comeback, and best of all it doesn't damage your hair! You can go as outrageous as you want, or you can tone it back like I do and hide shimmery brown strands in my normal-op-brown hair. Plus, the look on a stranger's face when they catch a bit of sparkle my way is priceless. I love supporting Faecraft and their lovely Fhairy Strands for my hair! If you are a huge fan of Brian Froud's work like I am... you'll love the packaging. ;)

Tickle Thy Fantasy Rags

By far some of my favorite costume pieces. One of their adorable halters is the perfect thing to run around in all day in the hot sun. They are comfy, breezy, super flattering, and each piece is one of a kind. They make appearances at Renaissance fairs, but calling them to see what they have in stock will be your best bet. No one at any music festival will have your  outfit on. Guaranteed.

Flower Crowns

I believe flower crowns are here to stay. They'll forever be engrained into early new-millennia festival fashion just like fringe and bell bottoms will always be associated with the hippies. Go big and bold or more delicate to suit your style.

and finally,


'Cause duh! I've worn larger wings to events before, and I will say that something smaller will make your experience a lot more pleasant! I hate having to worry about my costume being beaten up when I'm out and about, so playing a little closer to your back in BIG events is a good idea. You'll feel spritely all night dancing around in them, I promise.

Don't forget to bring lots of water and a camera to capture all the special moments.

Let festival season BEGIN!


Speed Paint : Sketchy Sketch


Just a quick little speed paint of a doodle I started when I was finally able to break out my tablet! I was on an art hiatus for so long, it was wonderful to make art again at home. Having your computer die on you with no warning is never a good time.

I plan on making more speed paint videos in the future! If you are at all interested, I'll be opening up shop on Twitch so you can watch me speed paint live!

Let me know what you think in the comments. <3