Doodle From The Other Day : Cartoon Selves

Like I mentioned in my past post, I've decided that keeping a smashbook/sketchbook/journal would be a great place to keep all my thoughts and lists for the days ahead of me. Trying to draw and or write in it everyday.... has been less of a success than I planned. Of course some of the pages will be too personal, or truly written journal entries. But I do love the idea of drawing little cartoons of myself and my boyfriend. The hardest part is dedicating that quiet time to myself every day.

There's dishes to be done, laundry to clean, boyfriend snuggle to be had after cooking a healthy meal at home... It's hard to fit in all the things.

I'm still trying! And doodle I must... And hopefully more cute doodles will make their way into my book.

Until then, have a lovely day everyone!