Itty Bitty Blue Fairy Wings Giveaway


How exciting is this, you guys?! Since it's my birthday, I thought I would do a little something to give back to all you wonderful people out there who have been following me and supporting me. <3


These little itty bitty fairy wings are just the most precious! I wanted to create something cute and sweet, but also something that could handle travel for music festivals and other events! These little guys come with silver elastic straps as well as a brace in the back if you want to go strap free! These fairy wings are lightweight yet sturdy, perfect for frolicking and dancing! The itty bitty size also makes it convenient to navigate through a large crowd of people, so nothing gets bumped out of place!


These pair of wings come with a brace as well as cute glittery silver elastic straps. You can slide the wings into the back of a sturdy bra or corset, or just use the elastic straps if you aren't wearing either of those! They are hand painted on the front and then sparkly and silver on the other side of the wings. No sparkle has been left out.


Here's how you enter for the fairy wings giveaway

1. Follow my Instagram account @firefly_lights

2. Tag a friend on this post who would also love to win!

Bonus Entries for a better chance to win!

1. Scroll to the bottom and sign up for my newsletter ( no spam I promise, just freebies and art and things)

2. The more friends you tag in the comments the more entries you have!

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Some Restrictions:

 Must be 18 and over to win.

 Outside of USA will help with half of shipping.

 Giveaway closes at September 14th at Midnight.

That's it! It's super simple. The more entries you have the better chance you have to win!

 The lucky winner will be announced September 16th!


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Essential Items Every Fairy Needs At A Music Festival

Now with unicorns and mermaids taking center stage in EVERYTHING from stationery, makeup trends and even Starbucks drinks, I think it's time that fairies take over the festival fashion scene. Here are a few things that I think are essential for festival fairies!

Glitter. Lots and lots of glitter.

Glitter for your hair, glitter for your booty, glitter for just about everything. I've been loving the whole disco boob trend and glittery booties everywhere! There's no end to your creativity when it comes how to play with color and texture. Plus, what faery isn't covered in magic pixie dust?

There are countless places to find glitter, but I've been salivating over The Gypsy Shrine's products as of late.

Hair Tinsel

I love seeing that this trend is making a comeback, and best of all it doesn't damage your hair! You can go as outrageous as you want, or you can tone it back like I do and hide shimmery brown strands in my normal-op-brown hair. Plus, the look on a stranger's face when they catch a bit of sparkle my way is priceless. I love supporting Faecraft and their lovely Fhairy Strands for my hair! If you are a huge fan of Brian Froud's work like I am... you'll love the packaging. ;)

Tickle Thy Fantasy Rags

By far some of my favorite costume pieces. One of their adorable halters is the perfect thing to run around in all day in the hot sun. They are comfy, breezy, super flattering, and each piece is one of a kind. They make appearances at Renaissance fairs, but calling them to see what they have in stock will be your best bet. No one at any music festival will have your  outfit on. Guaranteed.

Flower Crowns

I believe flower crowns are here to stay. They'll forever be engrained into early new-millennia festival fashion just like fringe and bell bottoms will always be associated with the hippies. Go big and bold or more delicate to suit your style.

and finally,


'Cause duh! I've worn larger wings to events before, and I will say that something smaller will make your experience a lot more pleasant! I hate having to worry about my costume being beaten up when I'm out and about, so playing a little closer to your back in BIG events is a good idea. You'll feel spritely all night dancing around in them, I promise.

Don't forget to bring lots of water and a camera to capture all the special moments.

Let festival season BEGIN!


Renaissance Romp!

The Renaissance Pleasure fair will always hold a place near and dear to my heart. It was where I experienced my very first dress up / costume experience outside of Halloween. My mother had taken me as a very small child, which I barely remember, but when I reached the 6th grade she asked me if that was something I'd like to go to. At the time, I was studying Medieval History with my class so of course it was an enthusiastic YES! I was a crafty little one even then. I got myself a pattern and sewed a costume all by myself. I remember being incredibly proud walking around in my first costume, taking in all the sights and sounds of the fair.

To this day, I still love taking people who have never gone. Popping their renaissance fair cherry sort to speak. I love seeing the looks on people's faces when they step out of their daily routine and comfort zone and experience a little world hidden in plain sight.

And also, it's just plain fun.

Also, my dear friend Ashley is quite the ham. If you haven't checked out her gaming channel on Twitch Hack Attack, you are missing out.

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Have a lovely day everyone!