6 Tips for Staying Positive

Sometimes it feels like the world is falling apart. I know that sounds melodramatic, but staying positive isn't that easy. Those who are able to keep that attitude all the time have had some serious practice. It takes time to train your brain to think in a different way. But regardless of how positive and upbeat of a human being you are, there are just some days where the all the little things build up and hope seems to be a tiny little light at the end of an impossibly long tunnel.

No matter what is bothering you, whether it's something unfortunately huge or just not a good day, here are some tips that have helped me stay positive through tough times.


Ask for help.

This is the HARDEST one for me. I have this crazy notion that I can't be a real adult unless Ido things all on my own, but in reality, those you love are more than happy to lift you up if you need a boost.

Make a Very Good Things list

Even if the only thing that day that is bringing you joy is your cup of coffee, put that on the list. Or think about what made you happy during the week. Write down your tiny triumphs. You'll realize very quickly how fast that list fills up.


Make time for Me Time.

Take a bath, read a book, watch your favorite show. It's ok to withdraw for a little to give yourself some breathing room.

Eat that dessert.

Don't go overboard. But TREAT YO-SELF.


Make a plan for the day.

Then for the week, maybe even the month. Things don't feel so overwhelming when you made your own step by step process.

Put something on your to do list for the day you can cross off.

Feeling like you are getting some things done can help relieve some of those anxious feelings, especially if the reason why you are upset is about feeling stuck.

Day dream.

About positive things only. Whatever makes you happy. For me, it's what fantasy costume I'm going to make next or imagining new dance moves I want to try.


Cook yourself something yummy. No microwaves.

If you can't have mom or SO cooking for you, take the moment to cook yourself a super yummy rewarding dinner. You'll think better with some protein in your system anyways.

It's easy to let your anxiety and worries keep your brain spiraling.  Staying positive in an active choice you have to make. It's not easy to make that choice

Staying positive isn't always easy, but hopefully some of these tips will help you like they did me. It takes some focus and time. Babies need patterns for a reason, and finding out what tools and patterns work best for you will definitely help! You can read about

another idea that helps me stay positive here.

Let me know in the comments below what helps you! What are you tips and tricks for staying positive?