Galaxy Girl Speed Paint

This was a super fun speed paint! It's officially festival season and all I want to do is get all dressed up. The Renaissance faire helped alleviate a little bit of that want... but  I NEED MORE. As you can probably see in the video, I didn't  know where I wanted this painting to go initially. It was just therapeutic to sit and draw for a while without having any time constraints! You guys... today was the first day that I have spent ALL DAY in my home in a very long time. Usually there are tasks to accomplish, lists to take care of, and errands to run. But today was all for me. I would love to make Saturday Speed Paint a thing so I can get myself to do this on a regular basis.

Let me know what you think of the illustration in the comments! You can take a gander at the full image on my portfolio website! 

You can also subscribe to my channel on Youtube so you don't miss any new videos! I'm thinking Twitch will be a fun place to stream live!

Comment below if you are interested!