Goddess Provisions Box | Honest Review

I first joined the Goddess Provisions box subscription back in April ( I JUST missed the mermaid box. Still having regrets.) and so far my experience has been FANTASTIC. 

But here are the basic facts.

  • It's all vegan-friendly. Cruelty-free for the win!
  • You get 4-6 full sized products for 33 bucks a month.
  • The boxes usually have a mix of beauty, aromatherapy, and super food snacks.
  • There's pretty much always a crystal of some sorts in the box.

This month's Goddess Provisions theme was Unicorn.


Unicorn Brush, CHECK

Unicorn highlighter, CHECK

Fancy schmancy sprinkles for your unicorn lattes, CHECK

Plus some other fun goodies and a sticker for my Nalgene!


This wonderfully refreshing Unicorn perfume will now be in my purse and I'm super excited to use the Unicorn Dust highlighter for my mermaid look later this month!

Here are a few other products that I now use on the daily from the previous boxes:


These happy drops have been a life saver these last couple months. I definitely feel a boost in my mood after taking a couple drops and love to use it to sweeten my tea a little. Sometimes I worry myself into anxious little circles and this definitely helps.

I was also looking for a good hair oil to use and then magically this hair oil from Prim Botanicals shows up in the box! 4 little drops of this stuff in the morning and my hair detangles instantly, plus the tips are getting the nourishment they need. It's so great my boyfriend is even starting to steal it from me. It's got a lovely rosemary / herbal smell to it so it's definitely a very gender neutral hair product. I'll definitely be ordering more when I run out!

My boyfriend also has a sensitive stomach and I'm a little prone to bloating, and this gingery digestive bitters from Urban Moonshine does the trick. It definitely tastes medicinal, but it works. 


Before this box subscription, I've never heard of palo santo before! I received two sticks total in the last couple months as well as some palto santo essential oil. It's now my favorite incense to burn in the house. It's got a very earthy sweet smell and I find it to be incredibly soothing. Also pictured are most of crystals  I've received from the box during the last few months!


Last, but not least, is this sweet simple copper moon necklace. Fun fact, I wore this while I was at Lightning In A Bottle and someone passing me on one of the bridges high fived me and yelled "GODDESS PROVISIONS RIGHT?" and I was super excited. I love wearing this piece all the time and layering it with my other favorite necklaces.

So in conclusion:

So there you have it! My experience with Goddess Provisions has been fantastic so far. There's a great mix of products that I actually love and use, which wassomething I was always a little worried about before signing up for a subscription box. Try it for yourselves, check out their Instagram account for all their beautiful posts and hints for the next box. You'll love the box too!

*This is not an affiliate post. I just truely love this subscription service and waited for a few months to fully formulate my opinion and decided it was something worth sharing!