Manifesting Abundance : What I've Learned So Far

Is Manifesting Abundance A Real Thing?

This theme about manifesting abundance has  been popping up everywhere in my life lately and I'm starting to think that it's no coincidence. From books my friends have suggested to read, to podcasts I've been listening to, to conversations I have with strangers in the bar, somehow the subject has been forcing itself in front of me and I've been starting to pay attention. I went to a hippy-dippy type school that attracted parents of all sorts of alternative varieties, (which was great in the fact that the teachers and parents opened me up to so many new ideas) but the idea that one could wish or pray a particular outcome into existence didn't seem practical to me. I was that type A personality in school, where only hard work and sweat would be able to get you anywhere in your life.

It took a while to notice, but my strive for perfectionism ended up making me doubt myself. I stopped myself from going after my dreams and ideas because I either wasn't ready, or wasn't good enough, or maybe if I practiced a little more before going for it everything will work out ok. Well, I've finally grown up a bit and see that getting something right on your first try is just as crazy of an idea as assuming all good things will be coming your way if you simply think about it. After reading and listening more to what manifesting abundance actually means, I've taken a good hard look at myself and learned to reevaluate some things. This is what I've learned about manifesting abundance so far:

Just Dream It.

Not having any idea where you want to go is definitely not going to help you get there. It's kind of like saying you want to go on a crazy awesome trip, but don't know what country or state you want to visit. How can you plan accordingly if you don't have a destination?

Voice It.

Write it down somewhere, tell your friends, let your family know or just say it out loud to yourself. Make it seem real somehow. You don't know if someone in your life somehow has a connection for you to look into or maybe they are just excited to join you on the adventure!

Be Authentic.

Trying to make someone else's dreams come true never worked for me, or made me happy for that matter. Dreams coming true is all about being happy right? Sometimes figuring out your own voice and wants is really difficult. But that's ok! Part of the fun is getting to explore what makes you  YOU. You're the one going to be stuck with you for the longest after all.

Spread The Love.

I think this one goes without saying. Throwing love and kindness around like confetti is going to attract a lot more positive people in your own life, and those are the team mates that you want to have. As overused as this phrase is it still rings true. Your vibe creates your tribe.

Accept Love.

This is the one I have to work on the most. Somehow it is way easier to be gentler on others than yourself. Letting people do something nice for you is ok. They wouldn't offer unless you already deserved it.

Be Flexible.

Now that you have your intentions and are totally to ready to manifest whatever your hearts desire is, it may not go exactly to plan. That doesn't mean things are going to go wrong, but maybe things may happen differently than expected. Trust factor is important.


A wonderful dance teacher of mine said once, " Balance isn't about being perfect and keeping the pose. It's about being able to adjust continuously and consciously." Manifesting abundance is about being open to good things happening, but giving yourself the space to accept and welcome it into your life too. If you have the utmost confidence and trust in yourself, you'll be able to accomplish anything you want. Those who notice, will want you to accomplish those things too.

At least that's my take on it anyways.

This book was an AMAZING first intro to manifesting abundance and left a huge impression on me. It will definitely be reread whenever I need a refresher.

If you guys have any questions, comment below!

Love, Lindsay