Galaxy Girl Speed Paint

This was a super fun speed paint! It's officially festival season and all I want to do is get all dressed up. The Renaissance faire helped alleviate a little bit of that want... but  I NEED MORE. As you can probably see in the video, I didn't  know where I wanted this painting to go initially. It was just therapeutic to sit and draw for a while without having any time constraints! You guys... today was the first day that I have spent ALL DAY in my home in a very long time. Usually there are tasks to accomplish, lists to take care of, and errands to run. But today was all for me. I would love to make Saturday Speed Paint a thing so I can get myself to do this on a regular basis.

Let me know what you think of the illustration in the comments! You can take a gander at the full image on my portfolio website! 

You can also subscribe to my channel on Youtube so you don't miss any new videos! I'm thinking Twitch will be a fun place to stream live!

Comment below if you are interested!


Speed Paint : Sketchy Sketch


Just a quick little speed paint of a doodle I started when I was finally able to break out my tablet! I was on an art hiatus for so long, it was wonderful to make art again at home. Having your computer die on you with no warning is never a good time.

I plan on making more speed paint videos in the future! If you are at all interested, I'll be opening up shop on Twitch so you can watch me speed paint live!

Let me know what you think in the comments. <3