Hello Again World!

Oh man. 

Blogging had to take a major hiatus with lots of life changes happening. I was kind of spiraling towards the end of 2017. Too much on my plate, family things, and definitely some self sabotage because I didn't think I was good enough to succeed in my goals. I needed a dramatic change.


I died my hair green. 

I actually invested in myself with mindset classes. 

I thought it was a total joke at first and wondered if it was too woo-woo. BUT GUYS, IT WAS AMAZING.

I got FOCUSED on what it was that I really wanted to do with my business / freelance.  

Finally took actionable steps to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, and finally living a bit more happily and fulfilled. 

Gave my website a nice refresh as well to make everything feel magical CAUSE I LOVE IT, and want to work with other amazing femprenuers who have a magical mindset as well. And guys reading this, you are more than welcome as well. 

There's still be a lot of growth pains this year, but gosh darn it I'd rather feel those than feel stagnant! Who's with me on that one? 

igor-yemelianov-420483-unsplash (2).jpg

I've definitely decided that blogging won't be a main focus anymore, but I will be posting here occasionally to keep you updated on fun things happening! Maybe post about some adventures in branding with some awesome clients, maybe gush on about festival experiences, maybe post some cool diy projects I've got going on.  We'll see!

So keep in touch! I'd love to hear from you all again. <3