Wedding Wings

I had the utmost honor and pleasure to make a custom pair of fairy wings for a very dear friend of mine. We used to play faeries and mermaids at each others houses, go to Shakespeare camp together and get in to all sorts of mischief. When her bridesmaids asked her why she wasn't going to wear fairy wings at the wedding (because if you know Maddy, it was a must)  and all Maddy did was smile innocently. 

She came to me in February asking me to design a pair of wings for her wedding in late May, but the wings were a secret to everyone except for the photographer! 

I started off with a drawing to nail out what she wanted out of the wings and then finally came to this sketch. 

Once the design was finalized I was ready to start constructing and painting, and thank goodness I had a lot of time. I wanted to make sure these wings were absolutely perfect. 

The final product came out wonderful. They were just the right amount of sparkly, and I made sure that Maddy's fairy wings would be able to survive all the dancing that was going to happen at the reception. Maddy sent me photos when she finally got her package in the mail. 

Maddy and Mathew's ceremony was absolutely gorgeous. 

Congrats to the newly weds, and I wish nothing but peace and love for you guys! 

Wedding Photography by Thomas's Photographic Services