Mythic Worlds 2015

A Review

What a whirl wind of a couple days! Greg Spalenka had a few lectures and hosted a workshop as well while Roxana had her lectures and workshop at the event. I was officially dubbed the "booth babe" while watching the other fairies and event goers check out all of the wonderful vendors. I got to meet so many incredible artists such as Yoann Lossel, Virginie Ropars and David Theiree. Amy Brown was there, Terryl Whitlach was there, Laurie Lee Brom was there.... It was a hodge-podge of talent.

Holly Black, Lauren K Hamilton and Charles deLint speaking about "Why Are Strong Women In Fantasy Still A Surprise?"  AND LOOK WHO ELSE WAS THERE WATCHING. 

I did get the chance to sneak away from the booth for a little bit to see some of my favorite authors speak about strong women in literature, which ended up going on about how women are portrayed in the media, not only books, until Laurel K Hamilton got us sidetracked with a cat stuck in a tree she could see through the window. I COULD NOT BELIEVE that George R. R. Martin was in the audience. YOU GUYS. I really did feel like I was in some sort of fairy tale. 

My wings got to be on display in the booth on Saturday for the convention. I also walked around in costume with my Atlas Moth Wings. 

My other favorite part of the event was going to the masquerade balls at night! I felt a little like being Cinderella. After working the booth and running around, I'd come back to the hotel room to take care of some other things so I wouldn't be able to start getting ready until the event already started! BUT I MADE IT (and made it back home before midnight). I saw performances by Martine Kraft and Dehli 2 Dublin  and they were both absolutely FANTASTIC. I was not able to snag any photos or video clips from the show but I highly recommend checking out their music. I definitely found some new favorite bands. For  both of the masquerades I wore my favorite corset found at the Minnesota Renaissance fair (shop name I cannot remember), some skirts already in my closet and of course the head piece and Atlas Moth Wings I made for the Labyrinth of Jareth Ball last summer. 

All in all, it was an awesome experience. I'm so thankful to Greg and Roxy for wanting me to come out and help them. Hopefully I'll be able to go to a couple more events like Mythic Worlds this year and next year I'll have a booth of my own!