A couple of years ago I started a sketch based off Persephone. I was going through a lot emotionally at the time and I came across this book called The Goddess Within that gave me a lot of insight into myself and what I was trying to work through. It uses the archetypes of 6 greek goddess as qualities that live in every person, and how they might be affecting your life. It sounds like a bunch of weird mumbo jumbo, but I am not one to read self help books and I can not tell you how RIGHT this book was. 

But anywhoo, it inspired me to draw this because that particular chapter about Persephone really hit home with me. 


I left this illustration sitting for years. Sometimes I leave a piece when I feel like I have already worked out something emotional elsewhere rather than on paper. There's no need for me to keep drawing something sad when I've already figured out the problem or feel better about something. So it sat there. Waiting. Until I brought out that book again for a friend to look at, and hopefully help her in the way that it helped me. 

I may have gotten through that tough time, and I don't feel like I take on the traits of Persephone anymore, but there's still that side of me that likes to explore the dark parts, the nitty gritty feelings that no one likes to talk about. In a way, Persephone gives me hope. She was forced to live in the underworld away from her friends and family, but she was always able to go back above ground, and when she did, she was met with love and joy and light.

It may seem like there is no end in sight. A day off seems way to far away. Changes in your life may be scary and daunting. But if you own all of it, face the challenge with out blinking and work your way through it, you'll find your light.