Resolutions and Rock Bands

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and New Years! 2014 was a year of growing pains, but well worth it. And 2015 has already started off with a bang, and I plan on keeping that momentum going through the rest of the year. 

My art resolutions for this new year consist of: 

  1. Doing more figure drawing
  2. Using more than 4 sketchbooks this year
  3. Draw an illustration for myself once a week
  4. Craft more! 


I've been WIGGLING OUT OF MY CHAIR to share this project with you and finally the time has come! 

I've been doing some designing for an up-and-coming blues rock band in Los Angeles. They had their first show at the end of December, KILLED IT, and are rocking out again at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go January 25th! At 7 pm. By the way. You know.... in case you want to be cool and be there too. ;)

Check out their Facebook profile here, or click their logo above!  Definitely a band worth checking out. 

A Bit of Process