Keep Aiming

This has been one heck of a month so far. My trip to Minneapolis was MUCH NEEDED. It was great to reconnect in person with many of my friends and fellow artists. I am so lucky to have been touched by so many talented, wonderful people.

Having that little break reignited my drive to make work again! My Etsy Shop is up and running and finally linked to the website! I've made a new, last minute resolution to devote more time to my art and freelance work. I've been meaning to make that promise to myself, but NO MORE EXCUSES. I feel like that is going to be one of my mantras from now on. 

Last night I had the pleasure of being invited to Roxana Villa's opening as well as Greg Spalenka's book signing in Agoura Hills. Roxana started selling her botanical perfumes on Etsy as well and has been able to open her own physical location as a shop and her workspace! She puts so much thought and attention into everything she does. Both Greg and Roxana have been amazing mentors and getting the chance to work with them and celebrate their milestones has been wonderful. 

Please check out the shop when you get a chance and you can find Greg and Roxana's work in the links below! I highly recommend checking them out.

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