Early Grey Process

Things have  been a little crazy on my end for the last week, but working on a new illustration, when given time, always helps me relax and find a bit of piece of mind. Not to mention copious amounts of tea.... which is where I got inspired for this little project! 

Here are a new little snapshots for what i'm working on: 


I can't wait to show you the finished product! 


A Cool Thing Just Happened!

I was asked by Ella from Buzzed to do a little drawing or comic about an experience where I was cat called or harassed. Not a fun subject, BUT, I love the awareness it's bringing to this issue and I wholeheartedly wanted to take part. 

So this is my quick doodle that I made! She's looking for submissions so please join in if you were ever too afraid to voice what happened to you before! Ella posted this picture on her instagram, and the amount of comments and stories was overwhelmingly supportive. 

All you have to do to take part is post something on instagram and tag it #RealLifeCatCalling. 

Cat calling and all forms of sexual harassment (whether it's directed at a male or female. Yes, it happens to guys too.) should be voiced and talked about and brought attention. No more victim blaming, no more disrespecting each other. That's my two sense on the subject. 


Bonus material: If you guys don't follow my instagram, and my art doesn't make you want to, you may love this lovable goofball that goes by the name of Max. He makes lots of appearances, and  I can never get anything done when he wants to play or snuggle. :) 

Love, Lindsay

Throw Back Thursday: Warrior Mermaid

While I was going through some old archives, I found some little gems that brought a little smile to my face. (I really like drawing mermaids guys.) 

I went through an art phase of wanting to paint entirely in photoshop. No pencil drawings, no non digital prep work. I really wanted to fine tune my skills in digital illustration and work entirely in photoshop. It's not a style that I prefer doing anymore, but I certainly did have fun with it. 

So here's this old doodle to share with you guys. I think I did this one circa 2010 one summer. 

Do you ever start going through old things, whether it be art, cards or photos that bring on a huge nostalgia factor? 

Love Lindsay