Hello Amawaterways!

Please let me know if you have any specific examples of work that you would like to see from here! I put together a pretty comprehensive view of my work, specifically working with luxury oriented brands over the last two years.


Print / Poster Design

Here you’ll see a private selection of poster designs / print materials and other things I have created for various brands.

Social Media

I’ve made social media images for a multitude of different platforms including branded facebook posts, cohesive instagram grids, fun gifs show casing products, and much more.


Branding / logo

Here you’ll get to see somewhat of a sneak peak process in how I create branding boards and logos. Some of the logos here have been used on professional websites, ended up on private label products, or were even the head of a spa storefront.

Mood Boards

I helped to create specific moods either for the season, or for specific holidays and sales where we needed branded product photography.