A Little About Lindsay 


Firefly Lights Design was founded as a way to inspire and nurture the magical being that lives inside all of us, through carefully curated design and some good elbow grease.

I will help you transform your ideas and bring them to light, aligned with your own goals and needs for your business.

Everyone has their own magic. All you have to do it believe it.

Here's My Silly Third Person Bio

Lindsay Turner grew up in the sunny hills of the Los Angeles valley, frolicking in the fields of mustard flowers found behind her house. Ever since she could stand, her mother placed her in front of a blue, plastic, Fischer Price easel and let her loose, washable Crayola markers in hand. Of course it didn’t all stay on the easel… the walls were let-loosed on as well.

But since those early days, Lindsay has still continued to paint and create, pouring her heart and soul into her work, from story telling, to illustration and branding, and even fantastical costume making. She graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a degree in Illustration, and has been working in the product design industry as well as the social media marketing industry.

When not working, she loves to dance (tango, belly dance, and pole dance being the favorites ), travel, cook paleo yumminess, and spend as much time as she can with her amazing boyfriend. Oh yeah, and her hair color changes a lot. Usually green. 

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